Pelham neighborhood still cleaning up after flood

The Saddle Run neighborhood {}in Pelham has dealt with several big floods this Summer. One of the homes impacted by the recent flooding had about four feet of water inside and there was so much damage, the family had to move out and into a motor home. Many of the surrounding neighbors have been living in hotels. "I got up and stepped in water and I told Grace, we've got a major problem," Jerry Prater, who lives in Saddle Run said. The July flood left Jerry Prater's family with thousands of dollars in damage. "The water was about 2 inches high in here and it just tore everything up. Because it got in the walls, they had to tear the insulation out," Prater said. He took us to the culprit. {}The neighborhoods in front and behind his property slope downwards sending gallons of water rushing down into his house- a problem dating back a decade. "They know the problem, they won't fix it," Prater said.

Tricia Day says the city simply won't help...

"We have not received any assistance on alleviating the problem," Tricia Day, who lives in Saddle Run said. "Helen, my 80 year old neighbor who I saw carried out by a fireman because she couldn't walk through the flood - she's been flooded three times," Scott Mains, who lives in Saddle Run said. After Monday's council meeting, Mayor Don Murphy told us they're trying to find help.

"It's about a $1.7 million grant and we've been working on that since 2009," Mayor Don Murphy, Pelham said. Prater says, if the city leaders don't fix the drainage problem... "I would sue the city of Pelham, I will sue each individual council member, and I will sue the mayor," Prater said. "We as a council, me as Mayor, we did not cause the problem," Mayor Murphy said. "We didn't develop the area out there, it was developed long before we got here. We are trying to do something about it." The neighborhood president tells us, the upcoming forecast is bringing fear. "Every time there is a storm or hurricane, like the hurricane coming up into Florida, people start worrying again," Ernest Babb, who lives in Saddle Run said. Mayor Murphy also says the best thing neighbors here can do in the mean time is to make sure they have flood insurance. He says the decision to use city finances to fix this drainage problem lies in the hands of the city council.