Pelham Receives FEMA Funding for Hwy 261 Drainage Project

The grant for the Highway 261 Drainage Project in Pelham has been approved. Upon completion the project will help alleviate flooding issues experienced by residents in the Highway 261 corridor. FEMA will provide funding in the amount of $1,033,334.00 towards the project total of $1,673,932.00.

The project consists of the enlargement of two existing detention ponds; one located south of Aaron Road and the one south of the Saddle Run Neighborhood. The project also provides for the construction of two new detention ponds in the Highway 261 Basin near the Alabama Power Company sub-station.

The city is prepared to immediately begin the steps to bring relief to the residents in the affected areas. Once approved by the City Council, the engineering firm of Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood will begin work on the project.