Pell City dealing with geese problem

Some residents are no longer welcomed in Pell City. A flock of geese on Martin Logan Lake is getting larger and city leaders say that could be a hazard, with the wildlife causing a high E. Coli level in the lake.

The Burrow family loves living on Logan Martin Lake, but they don't like this gaggle of neighbors. "We worry about our kids. If you look across the way, you see the soccer fields and baseball fields and it's nasty. They come home covered in goose poop."

On any given day, 3 to 500 geese also call this place home. Brenda Burrow says feces from the geese is making dogs sick and worrying families. "We're boaters in the Summer, jet ski, wave runners and we were afraid to go in the water."

"The geese defecate in the lake in certain areas and the real danger is the E. Coli level." For this reason, Pell City Mayor Joe Funderberg, says the geese are no longer welcome. You can even get fined 25-dollars just for feeding them. "The city has taken on a conscientious effort in working with the USDA in the most humane way possible to eliminate this problem."

Funderburg says the city is making arrangements to collect the geese in a round-up and they're also looking at two processes to prevent eggs from hatching. But he says it won't be easy..{}a round-up has been done before. "Once geese migrate to a certain area and whatever reason lay their eggs they feel comfortable in that environment, then that's where they are."

Still, the mayor says it's an issue that must be addressed for the safety of the public. "We all know sometimes an unfortunate thing occurs when man moves into a community and nature is there, but sometimes they don't mix." Brenda Burrow says "We love animals, but it is a problem. Our children come first, our health comes first."

Not everyone is in support of getting rid of the geese. The mayor got an e-mail saying it's important to keep the goose population intact, but he still believes health should remain the top priority.