Penis amputation lawsuit: Motion to dismiss filed on behalf of doctors

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - An attorney for physicians accused of amputating a man's penis during a circumcision have filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit and say the claims are false. Mike Florie says his clients, Dr. Michael Bivins and Dr. Alan Aikens, never performed a procedure on Johnny Lee Banks Jr. that involved the removal of any tissue or the amputation of the man's penis. Banks' attorney, John Graves, filed a malpractice suit last week accusing the doctors and their medical groups of malpractice, negligence and other wrongdoing. It seeks an unspecified amount of money. Florie says he's also planning on seeking sanctions and disciplinary actions against Graves. Graves told he stands by his client's allegations and will respond to the motion for sanctions before a hearing set for Aug. 7.