People angry over towing fees in Leeds

Many people who had "no choice" but to abandoned their vehicles are furious because of towing fees.

Many of those complaints are coming out of Leeds, where people are saying that the city had their cars towed for a big price.

There are many abandoned vehicles at the Chevron across from Bass Pro Shops in Leeds. This is the area where many people say their vehicles were towed at the city's request. To get them back, they have to pay a big buck."

Joy Jones says, "I called the police department yesterday to let them know that I had to leave it and they said it would be okay."

But, when Jones went to pick up her stranded vehicle on Highway 78, it was gone.

She says the city had it towed. She has to pay Murray's Garage 175 dollars to get it back. And she's not the only one.

Jones says, "I feel like we're all getting taking advantage of in the bad weather. We have no other choice. a lot of us are being forced to do it."

Jones says the towing company normally charges between 65 and 80 dollars. She and others are upset they have to pay the price.

Kenny Nock with Hank's Towing says this is giving companies like his a bad reputation. "There's different towing trucks out there taking advantage of people stuck in the snow. They know they have to pay it to get where they need to be and get to safety

But a former tow truck driver says the high price is worth it because tow truck drivers are putting their lives on the line.

Gary Thomas says, "These wreckers cost in between 60,000 up to big trucks that run a quarter million dollars and for them to bring these trucks out on this ice, that's risking their lives and drivers lives."

Still, Jones believe the city of Leeds should have given her and others more time to figure out their own solution.

In the meantime, Jones hopes Murray's garage will lower their price because of the severity of the situation.

ABC 33/40 called Murray's Garage, but could not reach anyone for a comment. We also called Leeds Mayor, David Miller and left messages, but have not heard back.