People calling for Birmingham leaders to revoke the license of a West End restaurant

Community leaders continue their call for a permanent shut-down at Good Friend Chinese and Seafood restaurant.

A woman says the owner shot at her after she complained about an apparent roach in an egg roll. The owner later closed the restaurant. But at a Public Safety Committee hearing Monday, people pushed for pulling the restaurant's business license.

Only city council can make the decision to revoke a license. Monday, the Birmingham Public Safety Committee simply wanted to hear more on the criteria to make that decision. They also wanted to hear what people had to say it was open to anyone, including the business owner.

Birmingham Councilor Steven Hoyt says "The task today was to hear from both sides."

Chun Hin Ching didn't show up, but the opposition did. "Had he shown up he would have had an opportunity to speak on his own behalf."

The father of Jatari Walker, neighborhood presidents and activists spoke out on why they want the business license of Good Friend Chinese and Seafood Restaurant revoked.

{}Some of the comments at the hearing included, "This business needs to be shut down." "The place doesn't need to be open back up."

"I stand before you asking you to take the appropriate action to handle this matter in the right way." The Public Safety Committee could only listen to this call for action. Jahari Sailes says his daughter is traumatized after the owner pulled a gun on her for returning an egg roll.

"She's having a problem with continuing to see the gentleman's face."

Walker's Attorney, Henry Penick, says "It was a violation of health laws. he sold and egg roll with a roach in it. two, it was a violation of safety law because he fired at her with a gun."

Penick also{}says there are adequate grounds to revoke the license. The committee learned more on the criteria to do so.

Hoyt says "Whether or not it was a nuisance whether or not it was an endangerment, it looks like it meets all of that, but we're gonna give due process to give the owner an opportunity to show before the council before we revoke the license."

Many at the meeting hope the end result will be a permanent shut down.

Five Point West Community President, Susan Palmer, says "We want a safe environment where we live and we want businesses to comply to the law."

We could not reach Ching for a comment. Councilman Hoyt says he wants the health department to explain why the restaurant wasn't shut down earlier. He says there had been reports of roaches and even rodents found there.

There will be another public hearing March 18th. Hoyt says the council will likely vote that day on whether or not to revoke the license.