Family fun in the snow before it melts in Cullman

Sue Westerfield, a great grandmother, had fun in the snow in Cullman Thursday, even taking a sled ride behind a lawnmower. (

If the trees don't tell the story...the dripping water sure does.

The four-to-seven inches of snow Cullman received, Wednesday, is now melting away.

Precious moments that the people of Cullman are hanging onto.

"It's amazing, actually," Dustyn Anderson said. "I don't see it very often like this, especially not one I can build a snowman."

Snowmen and snowball fights. The most fun you could have on this winter day.

Or so you'd think.

For grandmother, Sherry Frost, pulling a sled behind a John Deere mower is her favorite pastime that she is now passing down.

"As a mom, it's a lot of fun," Frost said. "But, as a grandma, it's even more fun."

Not just for her...but her mother.

73-year-old Sue Westerfield took a turn on the sled, Thursday, taking one lap around the snow-filled front yard.

For a complete look at Sue's ride click on the video link above.