People in Jefferson County deal with water pipes that freeze, burst

Mary Jones has had a rough month.

"First, somebody stole and vandalized my heating unit," she said.

That was before Christmas when someone stole the copper out of her heating unit. Since then, she's been staying with her son, but still checking on her house every day.

But she couldn't believe what she saw when she stopped by, Wednesday morning.

Her house of seven years was under water.

"But, man, when we went in that house and seen all that water...I said 'Oh, My me'," Jones said.

Her bedroom, kitchen and hallway were soaked. Water was trickling through the ceiling and out of the air vents. Her pipes had busted because of the freezing temperatures.

"I keep a bald head, so you can actually see I'm not even finished," John Coleman said.

Coleman's hair cut was cut short, Wednesday.

"I was getting the sides and the back and as I was getting ready to cut the top...that's when I heard it blow," he said.

That's when his water pipes burst.

His kitchen, living room and hallway were all damaged.

"The water just went to rushing and within 15 minutes the whole house was flooded out between two-three inches of water," he said.

Now his biggest worry is getting the water out from underneath his hard wood floors, to help prevent any further damage.

"Just have to take it in stride," Jones said.

Now, all that Jones and Coleman can do is clean up, keep the faith and move forward.

"I am a Christian," she said. "I believe in God and I believe that He will take care of me."