People kept an eye on the storm in Tuscaloosa area

People in the Tuscaloosa area kept a close eye on the{}Christmas storm, hoping for the best given what they've been through.{} At last check, there was only one report of a tree down off Highway 69.

People continued preparing for this storm up until it blew in. Even those working on Christmas had a plan to keep customers safe. It was{}a very windy Christmas afternoon in Tuscaloosa{} as people hurried to their destinations.

Curtis Samuel says "I think a lot people are paranoid, being what happened with the last tornadoes, so fear would be understandable."

Meteorologists were tracking a line of potentially strong storms moving across the state line.. right before Scott Bond filled up these gas cans in Northport. "Just fueling up some generators, hopefully we don't need them."

Heavy rain, high wind gusts, thunder and lighting came through the Tuscaloosa area as many drivers were on the road. But no accidents were reported according to local law enforcement. Knowing about the potential threat of severe weather.. Curtis Samuel went to work at the Citgo on Highway 82 with a safety plan in mind. "If we're in a storm predicament, we will lock the doors and we have an area behind the cooler that is structurally sound and we'll let all the customers and anybody else go in that area to stay safe."

The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office was ready for anything. Last night, It had initiated an Emergency Operations Plan, but thankfully that plan wasn't needed.