People say Sypsey mining is destroying homes

Roosevelt McCain has lived in Sypsey his entire life. His house is filled with memories and is falling apart.

Cracks can be seen in the ceiling, his floor is caving in and the foundation on which his house sits is crumbling. It's been a growing problem, he says, for the past two years.

For all the damage, he blames Reed Mineral, a mining company that uses explosives multiple times a day less than 200 yards from his front porch.

He says complaints have been filed, but that was years ago.

"But he hasn't been back," he said. "We keep calling, keep calling and they say [his house is] on the list, but they don't want to do nothing."

Earnest Meadows is also worried. He says picture frames are constantly falling off the walls.

"When they, it just shakes," he said. "[It] sounds like the house is falling."

Mayor Belinda McCain, Roosevelt's wife, says before blasting started, the company offered a $500 incentive to people who live nearby. Even if the money was accepted, she says the company vowed to repair any damages it might cause.

The McCains didn't take the money. Now they're wondering if and when repairs might come.

"They told us we couldn't do nothing until after they get through stripping' here," McCain said. "And you're talking about seven-eight more years before that. My floor's going to fall in in that length of time."

Calls to Reed Mineral were not immediately returned for comment.