Pepsi advertisement taking over downtown rooftop

Birmingham's skyline gets a really big sign.

High atop the{} Two North 20th building, Buffalo Rock will unfurl one of the country's largest vinyl signs that will say "Pepsi, A Southern Original."

A vinyl sign will cover what was once was an iconic scrolling sign on top of the building. The lighted electronic display was shut off February 17.

It's obsolete, and to bring it into the 21st century would cost around four million dollars. That was more than the owner wants to spend.

So, the replacement will be a double sided vinyl sign that will feature a Pepsi bottle cap and can be seen for miles.

Jimmy Lee, CEO of Buffalo Rock, the local Pepsi distributor, says he's excited to have a company presence in downtown Birmingham.

"You're going to be able to see it all the time, you're not going to have to worry about lights going out," Lee says. "Southern original is part of our home marketing strategy and marketing brand, and our southern locations, so it's a perfect tie in."

Work on the new sign just began Monday. Crews are high atop the Two North 20th building doing prep work on scaffolding.

The lighting for the new sign is March 3.