I look forward to Petapalooza each year. This year I have three dogs and hope my boys will be able to help herd them at the big doggie social event of the year.

If you stop by Petapalooza, you may want to look for helpful information to keep your dogs healthy and safe.

One year I learned about chipping your dog from Sonya at Two By Two Animal Rescue.

It is a tiny computer chip inserted under the dog's skin. If the dog gets away you can track him or her.

There are also those offering dogs up for adoption. I have met the dachshund rescue group. The work these people do is wonderful. They rescue a dog of that breed if conditions are not right for the animal in the home. Then they try to place the dog in a loving home.

But before you make a quick decision on adopting a dog. Do some research first. For example labs are great dogs. They love people. But many labs go through about two years of chewing and being high energy. If you don't like dogs to shed, get a dog mixed with a poodle. Labradoodles are very popular right now. Beagles are clearly a man and woman's best friend, but they can be head strong and hard to train.

If you are considering bringing a new family member home, it is a decision I believe you will not regret. Just make sure the dog fits into your family.