Petelos optimistic for new, thorough system for employees

Jefferson County is trying to break new ground on being fair and thorough when hiring and firing employees.

County Manager Tony Petelos says his office is working with the city's attorneys, the Human Resources Department and the plaintiffs attorneys from the recent consent decree hearing, in trying to come up with a new system.

Petelos says a temporary, interim plan will be in place for about six months until a permanent plan is developed and approved by the courts.

The plan is being conjured in hopes of not having a hiring lottery in the county.

Petelos says there's no way to go back 30 years and right the wrongs since the consent decree was put in place, but says all the county can do now is move forward and he believes this will, one day, be a thing of the past.

"I think we're going to develop a plan that will be acceptable to the courts," Petelos said. "A plan that is fair and equitable. A plan that we can one day relinquish from the consent decree."

Petelos says an interim plan could be in place by next week.