Petition started to change Birmingham food truck ordinance

A petition to change Birmingham's food truck ordinance and its impact on the homeless ministry has garnered more than 300 petitions.

The petition, "Change the City Ordinance Banning Feeding the Homeless Without a Food Truck and License," claims the ordinance violates the rights of those sharing a meal in a public place.

Many ministries said Birmingham police stopped them from serving underneath interstates and in public parks because they were violating the city's ordinance regulating food trucks.

Mayor William Bell and city leaders said the ordinance's intention is not to ban those from serving meals. The mayor plans to create a comprehensive plan with a homeless service provider, which would allow for an organized outreach and give ministries the opportunity to work with providers.{}

Despite the city's plans, many plan to continue passing out meals.

"I'm trying to stay within the law, but I also have to do my job," said Oneonta minister Rick Wood.

Police said officers are standing by while the city irons out details.

When asked whether the city would stop those from serving, Mayor Bell replied: "I've got some people looking into it, but I'm not going to make any comment until I get a full report back. Once I get that report, we will take appropriate actions."