Petition to make Shelby County schools safe

      © A petition on is requesting the Shelby County Board of Education to provide more security at schools. (

      Concerned citizens of Shelby County have started a petition in an effort to provide more security at schools.

      The grassroots effort is asking the Shelby County Board of Education and commission to provide the Sheriff's Office the necessary means to add resource officers and other security measures to keep students protected.

      "We, the undersigned, respectfully petition the Shelby County Board of Education to implement plans that include the presence of law enforcement professionals within each of the 39 instructional campuses wherein approximately 29,000 students expect to have a safe learning environment. With an approximate staff of 3,500 and an annual budget of $267 million, we feel adjustments can be made to fulfill this request." the petition on states.

      The petition comes just days after a gunman was arrested at Chelsea Middle School. Ryan Sims, 21, of Chelsea, has been charged with five counts of kidnapping and one count of terrorist threats. Sims allegedly held five girls against their will in a lockerroom at the school.

      As of 4 p.m. Friday, 205 people have signed the petition. The goal is 2,000 signatures.