Photo captures US Navy pilot reuniting with wife, meeting newborn son after deployment overseas

Lt. Bo Behne, a pilot in the US Navy, hugs his wife and meets his son for the first time after a 7-month deployment to Japan, June 20, 2014. (Special to

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Washington -- A picture says it all is a fitting way to depict the moment captured recently at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Washington. Lt. Bo Behne, a New Mexico native and P-3 pilot for US Navy Patrol Squadron VP-46 or the "Grey Knights," would probably tell you his first deployment overseas couldn't have come at a worse time as he was forced to leave behind his wife, Ally Behne of Jasper, who was pregnant with their first child. Not only did he miss his third wedding anniversary, the US Naval Academy graduate missed the birth of his son, Bennett, who was born June 4. But 16 days later, Lt. Behne was reunited with his wife and introduced to his son as he stepped off a military plane at his squadron's home base in the Pacific Northwest. The emotional occasion was captured in a photo, which shows Lt. Behne embracing Ally and kissing his son on the forehead as the newborn rested comfortably in his mother's arms. When asked to sum up their feelings that day with just one word and using full discretion, both Ally and Bo came up with the same word: "Complete."

"In one word, reuniting with Bo made me feel complete," Ally Behne said. "It was like putting the pieces of our little family together again."

The couple will have around a year together before Lt. Behne is deployed again. They will soak up the precious time together raising little Bennett and doing what normal parents do like make trips to Home Depot to purchase appliances for the house, something daddy was doing shortly after returning to the States.