Pickup truck saves family nearly crushed by last week's tornado

Ten members of one family were in-between life and death when a F3 tornado touched down on County Road 30 in Pickens County last Monday evening.{} Joe Farley and his son-in-law, Bo Rowland say they're still having nightmares about it.{}{}{}{}{}They had all taken cover in Farley's{}seven foot high basement.{}{}Rowland showed ABC 33/40 where the front of home was compared to where it{}sits now.{} "This is where the house use to sit on these bricks and it took it off - lifted it up," he said.{}{}{}{}{}When the{}tornado yanked the house, it{}was trying to pull them{}up along with it like a magnet.{} {}"It had the house up in the air, along with us...then dropped it from about six foot to one foot in some spaces." All ten of the relatives in the basement were knocked flat under the home and trapped.{} Farley says "It was like a sandblaster hitting you...dust and all under there"Bowland managed to find a gap where the{}home shifted back.{} He crawled around and pulled others out.It appears Farley's{}Tacoma Pickup Truck{}that was parked in the basement prevented the home from completely falling on top of them.{} The truck held up the{}home that the storm lifted and dropped at least 5 feet away{}from its foundation. {}"I think my wife's hand may be broken, my back got hurt a little bit..but the worst trapped was an eleven year old, my niece..she was pinned under some bricks. It took me a while to get her out," said Rowland.Farley says he saw at-least ten miracles that day.{} Amazingly, some ceramic fixtures on shelves{}and a wood cross hanging on a wall never moved.{} The items{}were{}in a room{}above that pickup truck which provided a way of escape. {}"That truck is a life saver. That thing right there I ought to take a picture of it and send it to the Toyota company. And tell them this thing saved 10 lives...It's amazing."