Oops! Hoover Bucs cheerleaders misspell 'responsible' on football banner

Photo courtesy of sayruhk4750/Twitter.

The Hoover Bucs football team hit the field Thursday night for the first time this year and the reigning AHSAA Class 6A state champions cruised to a 26-7 win at Florence.

But the successful night on the playing field was overshadowed by a spelling blunder made by the Bucs' cheerleading team.

Prior to the start of the game and during a typical routine practiced by nearly every high school football team around the country, the Hoover cheerleaders held up a large banner with a message plastered in big, bold letters for players to rip through as they entered the field. Normally, the messages on the banners are clever phrases taking friendly jabs at opposing teams. And that was the case last night, only there was one glaring discrepancy.


Did you catch the mistake? It's kind of hard not to unless you forgot to put on or in your corrective lenses this morning.

An irresponsible oversight led to the cheerleaders misspelling "responsible," and unfortunately for them, fans in attendance had their camera phones handy to capture the mistake.

Thankfully for the Bucs, the mistake was made at a jamboree, which are exhibition games coaches agree to compete in with the hopes that their players' preseason jitters will be flushed from their psyches prior to the regular season. The unrecorded matchups are also the only time of the year when coaches expect mistakes with the better-now-than-later ideology.

The Hoover cheerleading team will have its first shot at redemption one week from today when the Bucs host Colquitt County (Ga.) led by its former head coach Rush Propst.