Pitching in to help people keep cool

ABC 33-40 is doing its part to make sure people who don't have the money to stay cool this summer can have that opportunity. {}We have joined with More-Than Conquerors Faith Church for the Neighbors In Need Air-Conditioning-Unit Drive.

More than 350-people have applied-for the air-conditioning units. {}To help all you need to do is purchase a 5,000 B-T-U unit{}you can drop it off at More Than Conquerors Faith Church or call 322-2644 to see if someone can pick it up. {}Cash donations are also being accepted. {}If you have a unit you can also drop it off at any participating Ford Dealership.

Another option is that you can call the Jefferson county sheriff's office. {}{}If a deputy is patrolling your area and you have a ''unit'' to donate, that deputy will pick it up.