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      Placenta Pills

      Natural childbirth is a personal choice for many women.{} The natural birth community in Birmingham is now offering a natural but rare remedy to postpartum depression and other challenges for new moms.{} It's a personalized pill. {}{}{}{} As ABC 33/40's Linda Mays reports many women can't "stomach" just the thought of what it's made of, while it's the norm in many other cultures. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

      {} One local mother says she uses vegetarian capsules, just plain capsules to make a personalized pill for women.{}{}A CAPSULE TRAY, A FOOD PROCESSOR AND A DEHYDRATOR.{}{} {}{}{} "We put it on here," said Heather Vildibill.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} THIS IS SOME OF THE COMMON KITCHEN EQUIPMENT, HEATHER VILDIBILL USES TO PRODUCE WHAT SHE REFERS TO AS A SUPER PILL FOR WOMEN... SPECIFICALLY FOR NEW MOTHERS.{}"If I came up to you to say I can make you this pill that will decrease your weepiness, increase your mood, it'll decrease fatigue, it'll increase your milk supply, you can keep it for menopause, you'd be crazy not to take it," said Vildibill.{}{}{}{}{} The pill comes IN A GLASS BOTTLE OF at least 125 CAPSULES with no expiration date, if kept in the freezer.{}{}{}{}{} IT'S THE INGREDIENT, VILDIBILL SAYS THAT MANY WOMEN JUST CAN'T imagine THEMSELVES SWALLOWING.{}{}{} "It's just when you tell people it's a placenta they start to get grossed out," said Vildibill.{}{}{}{} YOU HEARD RIGHT... A PLACENTA. {}{}{}{} THE ORGAN THAT'S EXPELLED FROM A PREGNANT WOMAN'S UTERUS FOLLOWING A BABY'S BIRTH.{}{}{}{} IT NOURISHES THE FETUS THROUGH THE UMBILICAL CORD. {}{}{}{}{} I TRIED TO SMELL THE PILLS... BUT, I SMELLED NOTHING.{}{}{}{}{} HEATHER VILDIBILL IS ONE OF A GROUP OF CERTIFIED DOULAs AT BIRTH WELL in Birmingham. {}{}{}{}{} THE MOTHER OF TWO IS NOT MEDICALLY-TRAINED HOWEVER SHE PROVIDES SUPPORT TO EXPECTANT MOTHERS WHO DESIRE TO HAVE A NATURAL CHILD BIRTH AS WELL LACTATION EDUCATION AND POST-PARTUM CARE.{}{}{}{}{}{} PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION OR PILLS IS AN ADDED SERVICE VILDIBILL OFFERS TO HELP REDUCE POST-PARTUM DEPRESSION.{}{}{}{} "The placenta encapsulation has been shown through antidotal research, women's experiences and putting the two together that it can help lift the mood after giving birth, said Vildibill.{}{}{}{}{}{} AFTER DOING HER OWN RESEARCH ONLINE,{} MOTHER, JACKIE CHAPA HAD THE HOSPITAL HAND OVER HER PLACENTA TO HEATHER AFTER THE BIRTH OF HER FOUR MONTH OLD SON, TRACE.{} {}{}{}{} "When I had my son I wanted to try a more natural approach.{} I did have a more difficult time recovering after my daughter. I was really tired. It was really difficult to move around," said Chapa.{}{}{}{}{} HEATHER INVITED ABC 33/40 BACK TO HER HOME IN JANUARY{} TO SEE AN ACTUAL PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION PROCESS.{}{} WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER BIRTH, HEATHER, HAS ALREADY WASHED, RINSED, AND SLICED THE PLACENTA BEFORE IT'S DEHYDRATED.{}{}{}{}{} "Placenta is here{} 24 hours.{} It's nice and dry. I have to get all of the moisture out of it," said Vildibill.{}{}{}{}{} THIS IS ONLY THE TOP TRAY.{}{}{} BROKEN PLACENTA PIECES ARE PLACED IN A FOOD PROCESSOR.{}"This food processor is only used for placentas.{} It is washed and sanitized before and after each use," said Vildibill.{}{}{}{}{}{} A SECOND TRAY OF PLACENTA PIECES. ALL GO IN TOGETHER.{}{}{}{}{} IT'S THEN BLENDED AND GROUNDED INTO A POWDER.{}"This is what the powder looks like after it's all blended up. You can see it's pretty grainy.{} Then we just pour into our capsules," said Vildibill.{}{}{}{} SHE MOVES IT AROUND ON THE TRAY TO FILL ALL THE CAPSULES.{}{}{}{} REMOVES THE EXCESS.{}{}{}{} THEN SNAPS ON THE CAPS. {}{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{} "THIS IS 50 HERE, I'LL PROBABLY FILL THIS UP AT LEAST TWICE MORE. PROBABLY three times," said Vildibill.{}{}{}{} WHILE INGESTING THE PLACENTA may be COMMON IN OTHER CULTURES and AMONG OTHER mammals, HEATHER admits there's not scientific evidence it works. {}{}{} NEW MOM, JACKIE CHAPA SAYS SHE NOTICED A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE{} WITHIN AN HOUR OF TAKING HER PLACENTA PILLS. {}"I started taking them, two pills a day, three times a day.{} I was up moving around more quickly than I was with my daughter. I had more energy.{} I felt generally better," said Chapa.{}{}{}{} "This is something your body created for your body," said Vildibill.