Plan in place to improve major roadways in Homewood; public meeting set for Thursday

Proposed changes to Oxmoor Road and Green Springs Avenue in Homewood, Ala.

Preliminary maps show what busy roads in Homewood could look like in the future; additional lanes from Oxmoor Blvd to Green Springs Ave., new sidewalks, and intersections without signals. The proposed changes are aimed at improving traffic flow in a busy section of the city. "West Oxmoor has been in need of some upgrading for a long time. So, we believe that this plan will do that. Its gonna widen it. I am sure there are some residents concerns that we will be talking about, " said Homewood Mayor Scott McBrayer. Homeowners will have an opportunity to share their thoughts regarding the proposed changes Thursday. "If they have questions or concerns, hopefully they'll be addressed tomorrow evening," said McBrayer. Some homeowners have already raised concerns about increased traffic and noise. McBrayer believes that could be addressed, in part, with the development of a sound wall. "They want to know have you thought about this certain situation. If we have, we try to address that," said McBrayer. Thursday's meeting will be held at The Homewood Senior Center. The meeting beings at 4pm. To see the City of Homewood's complete transportation plan, click here.