Police charge three with breaking into Truck Stop vehicles

      {}{}{} Tuscaloosa Authorities believe three people who allegedly broke into Semi Trucks early Monday morning may be connected to a series of break-ins in Birmingham.

      {}{}{} Robert Gregory Johnson, Shannon Pilar Johnson and Jacquette{}Latrice Cambell all face{}charges of{}Unlawful Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle.

      {}{}{}{}There were arrested on the{}I-59 ramp near the Travel Centers of America Truck stop off exit 79 in Tuscaloosa.

      {}{}{}{}The truck drivers told police that a black male had entered their vehicles and{}took blue jeans with the victims' wallets inside them.

      {}{}{}{}{}An officer pulled over the suspects and found{}property belonging to the{}truck drivers.

      {}{}{}{} Police say they also found{}credit card on Robert Johnson that had be reported stolen from a vehicle in Birmingham.

      {}{}{}{} The suspects were{}place in jail with a combined bond of $105,000.{}{}{}