Police detain duo who fits description of CVS robbery suspects

Midfield police detained two people fitting the description of recent CVS robbery suspects in Tuscaloosa and Hoover. Now, according to police, Hoover has them in custody.Around 5pm Monday, a manager of a CVS in the 600 block of Bessemer Superhighway recognized two men inside the store who fit the description of those who robbed other stores.The manager called police and before they arrived, the duo left the store only to return soon after as the manager remained on the phone with police. This spooked the duo into running from the store. Police were nearby and detained both before notifying Hoover and Tuscaloosa police.

They are from Indianapolis and had a weapon that is reported stolen from Indianapolis.

Sunday, two CVS stores were robbed in Tuscaloosa. And around 1am Monday morning, a CVS in{} Inverness was robbed.

No one was injured in either incident.

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