Police discover $350,000 in stolen art in Brantley, Ala. storage unit

Some of the 72 pieces of high-dollar art recovered included works from the famed artist Norman Rockwell (pictured above). (AP)

Crenshaw County investigators have found 72 pieces of artwork that was stolen from a home in Geneva County in 2010 on Thursday, the Associated Press reports.

Police found the stolen art valued at $350,000 in a storage locker in Brantley, Ala., and the collection included originals and prints from the likes of Pablo Picasso, Norman Rockwell, Charles McKinnon and Robert Wyland.

Some of the recovered art pieces are valued as high as $40,000 each.

Police have yet to determine how the art found its way to the storage unit, and they have yet to make an arrest in the case.

While the owners of the swanky collection were undoubtedly thrilled to hear the news of the finding, they are still missing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and guns that were also snagged by the thieves nearly three years ago.

The heist investigation remains on-going.

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