Homicide investigators finish gathering skeletal remains in Irondale

Eastwood Mobile Home Village in Irondale. (

Irondale Police have finished gathering the skeletal remains that were discovered by hikers Thursday night in a wooded area surrounding the Eastwood Mobile Home Village.

Investigators said they were able to recover arm, leg, pelvis and skull bones that were spread as much as 30 yard apart from each other while other bones were found next to a nearby creek. It is believed that weather and/or animals were the cause of the scattered remains, ABC 33/40's Cory McGinnis reports.

Skeletal remains were found by hikers in this wooded area in Irondale Thursday night. (

Police are investigating the case as a homicide, and the victim is believed to be a male, but a forensic team has yet to determine an age of the man.

Following an impending coroner's exam, detectives will search missing reports filed in the area, county and state in hopes of determining the victim's identity.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as information is made available.