Police investigate shooting at Southern Comfort Motel

Birmingham police are investigating a shooting that took place at Southern Comfort Motel early Monday morning. Three people were involved including a 2 year old child.

Police say that it appears to have started from a domestic situation. Investigators say a woman shot a man{}through his cheek. The 2 year old was in the same room where the shooting occurred.

One person who lives in the area and didn't want his identity revealed says crime in the area is increasing.{}

"I've witnessed fights over there before, where a female is getting beaten and no one came to her rescue. They have to do sometime what they have to do, but at the same time, you don't want to see someone get shot especially over something that's senseless," says the anonymous person.

Police say the woman is in custody and investigators are trying to determine how the incident started. Meantime, those in the area say their hearts go out to the 2 year old who witnessed it all.

The 2 year old is currently being looked after by the Birmingham Police Department community service officer. No word on if the woman will face charges. The man involved in the shooting was taken to UAB hospital with non-life threatening conditions.