71-year-old Northport man shot, killed following argument with neighbor over property line

Police at 4500 Dyers Court in Northport, where a man was found shot to death after an argument with his neighbor. (

Two neighbors' ongoing argument over their adjoining property lines escalated to a fatal shooting in Northport Friday, ABC 33/40 report Isaiah Harper reports.

Police were called to a home at 4500 Dyers Court, which is near Bama Air and the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport, on a report of a shooting. Officers arrived to find 71-year-old Roy Sewell shot to death on the porch of his home.

Police say the argument and eventual shooting began while one of the men was cutting his grass near his neighbor's fence line.

The neighbor who fired the fatal shot was questioned by police before being released a short time later.{} No charges have been filed and investigators say they may have to turn over the facts of the case to a grand jury to determine whether it was an act of self-defense or homicide.