Police need help taking man who shot four teens off the street

Childersburg Police need someone to come forward with information about a gunman who shot four teenagers Thursday morning at the Sadie Lee Homes Housing Authority. They have a person of interest and believe someone could get killed if this shooter isn't arrested.

At{}all hours, people are hanging outside their Sadie Lee Housing apartments watching. But no one wants to be the snitch and talk about what happened Thursday just before two in the morning.

That's when a gunman fired at least ten shots with an assault rifle. The bullets went into doorsteps and damaged shutters. One went through a window and missed a sleeping woman by inches. Others hit four teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17.

"People in the community are afraid of retaliation if he gets out on bond or something. They live in fear.{}I can understand that," said Childersburg Detective Doug Wesson.

Wesson also has a good understanding of what happened.

He says a 15 year old from Sylacauga stole his parents' car keys and drove three friends to the housing development for a sleep over. They parked the car and ran into the shooter.

"He comes out from behind an apartment, wants to know what they're doing in the hood, his hood.{}I think one of them kind of smiled at him and the shooting started," said Wesson.

Three of the teens were shot multiple times in their arms and legs{}with{}the assault rifle. They were transported to Coosa Valley Hospital and later released. A{}police want someone to come forward to help before someone is killed.

But as for the shooter, they know who he is.

"I'll be in touch with him," said Wesson.

Of the teens shot, three were from Sylacauga and the other is from Columbus, Georgia.

Police say the person of interest and teens do not know each other.