Police prepare for New Years Eve patrols

Deputies and police officers have extra patrols on the street all over our area. They're watching for DUI's and traffic accidents. But they're also working to stop celebratory gunfire. In parts of Birmingham, people say the shooting is so loud, they can't even stay at home tonight."I've had to get on the floor with my kids, lay on top of them, because what goes up has to come down," a Gate City resident said.For one Gate City resident - new years eve is one of the most frightening nights every year."Once it becomes dark, they get to shooting street lights - people want peace of mind and to enjoy the new year and go to church, but you can't because a bullet goes up but you don't know where it's going to land when it comes down,' she said.She asked us to protect her identity for fear of retaliation. But she told us, celebratory gun-fire is so bad, she can't even stay home with her children."I'm going to church and when we leave church we'll be at my mom's," she said.{}Police officers are spending the evening monitoring the 'shot spotter' - it detects the difference between fireworks and gunshots. {}The map, tells officers exactly where to go."Our message is simple," Chief A.C. Roper, Birmingham Police Chief said. "Don't be an idiot. Don't shoot bullets into the air and hit someone's child or something. You don't want that responsibility and the consequences that come with that.""Through visibility, through hard work we hope to reduce the amount of gunfire that goes on and with help of general public we can assertation where there are issues so police officers can deal with it and hopefully will minimize threat to the general public,' Birmingham Mayor William Bell said.