Police say bridge jumper was an apparent thrill seeker

{}{}{} Tuscaloosa Authorities questioned a man who alarmed drivers when he jumped from the 'Toll Bridge' Sunday afternoon.

{}{}{}{} Rescue crews were called and combed the Black Warrior River below the bridge into the night thinking they were out to save a life.{} When they were about to resume Monday morning, a tip lead to a suspicious video on You tube.{} Its video of man wearing a camera strapped on his head diving off what looks to be the exact Toll Bridge.{} There's also a wide shot of the jump obviously shot by someone standing on the banks.

{}{} Authorities quickly determined the jump all thought was a fall or suicide attempt was a thrill seeking jump.{} They linked the video to a Face book account and identified the jumper.

{}{} So far, he has not been charged but we're told he could at-least face{}federal citations because the water-way is used by the U.S. Corp of Engineers.

{}{}{} ABC 33/40 is told the jumper lives in Shelby County and its unclear whether the jumper was injured in his alleged stunt.

{}{} Tuscaloosa emergency crews say they spent several thousand dollars on the false rescue and will likely seek restitution or community service from the jumper and perhaps others who were involved with the jump.