Police: suspects robbed elderly couple, damaged property before accident

Long before the suspects fled the deadly crash scene, police say they were already wanted for attempted murder. Each city along the way brought a new clue or a new crime

Some of the victims can't speak but Jeff English can.

"I{}think they should throw the book at them. That's so terrible," he said.

The ordeal actually began with an armed robbery outside a Cordova house on Long Avenue. That's where Cordova police say the{}suspects hit an elderly man over the head, stole his wallet and fled.

The couple wouldn't talk.

But Police Chief Kenneth Bobo says the man's wife was ok but the 77 year old man had to get head staples at the hospital. He says the suspects will faced armed robbery and attempted murder.

"We want them bad. We're still investigating to see if any other robberies or crimes occurred before this incident occurred," said Bobo.

More crimes did{}occur after that robbery.

The Cordova Police Department sent out an alert.

Dora police heard it and{}spotted the{}suspects throwing the robbery victim's wallet out the car window. That's when the police pursuit started. They{}followed the white Tahoe into Jefferson County to McDonald Chapel.

English heard sirens, spotted blue lights and saw the SUV tear through his neighbor's yard. He says they initially{}got stuck just on the other side of his chain link fence.

"The first guy, he jumped out of the truck and jumped over the fence and took off running.{}I don't know how the other guy did it. He backed up and he just took out the fence and took off dragging the fence down the road," he said retracing the tire tracks.

Dora police lost the suspects and pulled{}its officers off the chase.

The chase ultimately ended with a crash that killed an infant, man and woman less than a mile away.

Police say these men face serious charges beginning with attempted murder that could put them in prison for life.