Police warn of Green Dot Scam in Tuscaloosa

The Tuscaloosa Police Department is issuing a warning about Green Dot Scam. The police department has received multiple complaints of people receiving fraudulent calls requesting money. The caller appears to be from a utility company, government agency or even a fundraising organization. The scammer will use scare tactics to try to get you to buy a Green Dot card to pay a bill or make a donation. Another form of the scam is through an email and Craigslist. The seller will ask you to purchase a green dot card and give them the number to "hold" the item until you arrive.{}Last month, the police department responded to a bomb threat where the caller had requested money to be put on a Green Dot Card or he would blow up a building. Policed urges the businesses to follow their evacuation policy and contact police if this occurs again. A Green Dot card is a prepaid credit card. Once the numbers are given to the caller,the money can be withdrawn from accounts within seconds. Please do not purchase one of these cards and give the numbers over the phone or in an email because it is a scam.