Polling concerns on election day in Bessemer

{}Not everyone is happy with the way election day started Tuesday morning in Bessemer.Some polling places didn't open on time and one candidate now wants the state to investigate.Some people say it took at least{} 45 minutes for one of the polls to open.Election day in Bessemer didn't start off well at fire station number 4.E.W. Phillips, a school board candidate for District 6, says "This is totally incompetent."Joseph Edwards, also a school board candidate, says "The machines aren't working. They don't have the keys to open it up with."The candidates.. calling it unacceptable this poll in District 6 didn't open at 7, causing some voters to leave.Edwards says "People are being turned around, can't vote." Phillips says, "I would like to see the Secretary of State investigate this and those responsible held accountable."City Attorney, Shan Paden, says two polling locations opened 15 minutes late.. although some argue their wait was much longer. One machine also malfunctioned at the Civic Center, but a second machine continued operating.And a family ran into an ID problem.Martha Bozeman, Campaign Manager for Anthony Underwood, says "'A voter called us and was turned away this morning and was told it wasn't his voting precinct. He had his voter card."City Attorney Shan Paden says, "I would say people were probably inconvenienced and the city apologizes for that. But, you have to remember the people running the machines are citizens. They're registered voters, they're trying to do the best they can to operate the polls."Paden says although trained, poll workers were dealing with new machines. He says the problems were resolved quickly.. still giving voters an entire day to cast their vote. "I would hope that didn't affect an election."ABC 33/40 called the Secretary of State's Office. It takes complaints to give to either the Attorney Generals Office or the local District Attorney.