Popular travel app gives customers greater control

Heading down I-65 or any road throughout the country, you'll see signs letting you know what's ahead. It maybe a gas station, a restaurant, or even a place to where you can rest.{}The developer of the iExit app says they can remove the headache often associated with trying to figure out where to exit using his application.{}" could put all the content of the billboards you see up and down the road and put them into a location based app," said Evan Metrocket, creator of iExit. "Once I learned about the iphone. {}Once I learned what it can do. I realized I could use its location to tell me what's coming up at upcoming exits and the businesses there."Metrocket's iExit app lets users know what stores, hotels, or restaurants are approaching. {}In some cases, it maybe able to give you a coupon as well. Metrocket decided to drop the .99 downloading fee. After that happened, the number of downloads skyrocketed tens of thousands.{}"On Saturday of this past week, I was the number one free travel app. That's above Google earth. {}That's above uber," said Metrocket.{}The success means Metrocket can expand his company. {}He was two part-time employees now and hopes to hire a full-time employee in the near future.{}Metrocket {}also hope to forge a stronger relationship with businesses looking to reach more customers.{}