Pork Shortage?

One big headline exploding across the Internet is creating lots of concern. Some are even calling it aporkalypse. The Uk's National Pig Association warns that a global shortage of pork and bacon will happen next year. But, some same that's a lot of hype.Bacon, it's everywhere, on sandwiches, in dog treats. "It's even appreciated in our newsroom." But what if you couldn't fry it up anymore? Leslie Wingo says "It would be terrible, it would be awful, we'd be sad" Lillian Stiltner Williams says "lets not do away with bacon, it's an essential."New data shows the European Union pig herd is declining because of high feed cost, some experts believe it could cause a pork shortage in 2013.The news has gone viral, putting bacon & pork lovers in a frenzy!! Robbie Howerton says "I'd be upset, we eat bar barbeque a couple times a week."But before you bring home the bacon or load your cart at the pig, The Alabama Farmers Federation says{} "The pork is gonna be available, you're gonna see the bacon and sausage when you go to buy your groceries." It also says farmers will be producing less, but it will only affect our wallets not our appetite.Prices will increase some. Howerton says "I wouldn't like it, but we'd have to pay it I guess, we like our pork." Not the best news for those in the barbeque biz.Mike McNorton with Golden Rule Barbeque says "As an owner of a restaurant, it's tough. Would be real reluctant to pass on the cost to customers because you may lose business, where we are, people are price conscious.You won't see a change overnight, making pork lovers content for now.Richard Hassinger says{} "I'll worry about it next year."The Alabama Farmers Federation says the corn crop is lower than expected because of a drought, it's the reason behind the high feed prices.