Powderpost Beetles causing major concern for Guin family

"When we first looked at this house, there was so much furniture in here," Clint Michaelson said.

For Michaelson and his fiance, Melissa Akers, it's what they have always wanted.

Their dream home.

The sale was finished last December. By late Spring, 2013, they started renovations. They ordered a wood infestation report. Northwest Alabama Pest Control took care of it and gave them a clean bill of health.

"Everything was fine," Akers said.

But as renovations began they noticed everything was not fine.

"The further [construction crews] got, there was nothing to attach anything to," she said. "Everything just crumbled."

The wood in their house was crumbling.

"It's in the mantle, it's in our bedroom, on those wood floors and the halls," Akers said.

And it's under the house. Akers' attorney made a video showcasing just how bad their foundation really is. A second inspection determined the problem; Powderpost Beetles.

"We didn't even know what a Powderpost Beetle was," Michaelson said. "Never heard of one."

The beetles live inside wood and are fairly common in Alabama. After devouring all the sap inside wood, the beetles leave its host dry and hollow.

"It's consumed our lives," Akers said.

They were told the best thing to do would be to tear it down and start new. Their living room is now covered with plywood.

Renovations and wedding planning have been put on hold while the couple tries to figure out their next step.

"Regardless of the's our house and, at some point, we have to make it ours," Akers said.