Power restored to downtown Birmingham

Power has been restored to downtown Birmingham, according to Alabama Power.

The power company says crews were doing routine maintenance near 20th Street and 5th Avenue North when they had an issue with an electrical cable.

That problem caused power to be knocked out for nearly six blocks for almost an hour.

"The first thing they're going to do, obviously is make sure everything is secure and everything is safe," Alabama Power Spokesman, Ike Pigott, said. "Then they got power switched around and all the other customers here in the downtown area...and now they're at the point where they can get in and start figuring out what the issue was."

Initially there were talks of a transformer fire. Pigott says that's not the case.

"Not a transformer," he said. "It was an underground cable issue and there were no injuries. Everybody's fine."

Pigott says crews will remain in the area for a while to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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