Powerless apartment units have occupants frustrated

Frustration is boiling over at Tuscaloosa's Boardwalk at Brittain Landing Apartment Complex. Electricity to more than 30 units was shutoff Monday morning without notice.{}"I called Alabama Power. They said, 'Ma'am I am looking at the account now. Its not an outage because of the situation, we cannot tell you exactly what is going on," said Bianca Griggs.{}Many of those who live in the Apartment complex are students at The University of Alabama. Electricity is included in the rent that average under $500.00 a month. {}Before our news crew was asked to leave, a leasing manager confirmed that a payment mix-up between the company and Alabama Power resulted in the lights being shutoff.{}{} {} {} {} {}Management at the Boardwalk did offer those who live in the affected units three options: A one night stay in a hotel paid for by the management company, a $75.00 rent credit, or a 75.00 gift card. {} {}" You can't offer me $75.00 when I pay you what you ask me for," said Sherry Jackson.{}Some decided to pick one of the offer presented. {}For others, however, the offer wasn't good enough.{}"This is the breaking point for me," said Griggs.{}
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