Worship team album tops charts

The Church of the Highlands is growing because of its satellite campuses.

Something else growing in notoriety through the church is its praise music group.

The Church of the Highlands worship team put out an album called "Place of Freedom."

All the songs on the album were written for the church, with four songwriters contributing to the album.

The album released September 18 and quickly became the number one praise and worship album in the United States.

It was number three on the Christian Gospel charts. It also debuted at #58 on the Billboard top 200.

Worship Pastor, John Larson said, "We're not trying to be rock stars, we aren't even trying to be artists. We're just, the local church, just worshiping the lord. So we're going to keep making these recording because we want to capture what's going on in our services and really capture the songs that are going up in our congregation."

In the last few weeks, more than 10,000 units sold.