Pratt City families anticipate new Federal funding


Birmingham Mayor William Bell plans to discuss millions of dollars in Federal storm relief headed to Alabama. He'll hold a news conference Thursday morning. Here's the break-down of where some of the money will go: more than $49 million is going to the state, more than $43 and a half million to the city of Tuscaloosa, $17 and a half million is headed to Birmingham and more than $9 million to Jefferson County. {}It's good news for many areas around the county- which are already well on the road to recovery after the April 27th, 2011 storms.Phyllis Burt and her granddaughter spend Wednesday afternoon walking through a place - that just two years ago - saw generational devastation. {}"It was devastating," Burt said. "Really devastating.""Compared to what it was, every time I would come in I just wanted to cry," she said. "I really felt sad, but now just to see this, I'm elated."But in two years time, the rubble has been replaced with construction zones, new homes, and sidewalks - or as she says, signs of life."It just feels good," Burt said. "It feels like a new birth from what has passed to where we are now."What was once an aging community is now the city's newest thriving neighborhood."They are coming back with newer homes, a lot of people chose not to move back in that area but I think it's more rebuilding," Burt said.Thanks to about 17 and a half million dollars from the Federal government, the city of Birmingham will have additional resources for community projects - like rebuilding the fire station and library.{}"The city council made sure, your senators made sure, and the Obama Administration made sure, that those families would not be forgotten," Ed Jennings, Housing and Urban Development said."It was sad again seeing no library, no fire station, so this is just wonderful to me," Burt said.