Prayer service held for JB Pennington High School Student

High school can often be a challenging time for some students. JB Pennington High School staff led students in prayer. The school went on lock down Friday after a student was found unconscious. There have not been many details released, but an investigation is still underway. Around 200 people came together to pray for his recovery. Principal Brian Kirk says, "Two young men found the student in the bathroom. He was passed out." "One of our teachers went to get an AED and placed it on the young man and resuscitated him" They gathered to pray. They gathered for support. They gathered to heal. The student's Aunt, Rebecca Cochran, says "I really wasn't expecting this many people here and yet, I'm super glad there was." "Christopher is a special child." Students, staff and parents filed into the JB Pennington High School football stadium to give thanks for a life spared. Kirk says, "That's what need is for the community to be banning together to pray for this young man and try to nurse him back to health. He has two wonderful parents, he's had a tough time." Staff and youth leaders talked to students about what they can do to help someone going through a tough time. Kirk says, "Sometimes those kids might not come to an adult. I think the most important thing is to have relationships with their peers." Kirk says sometimes children don't expose what they're going through, so communication is key. "Talk with your kids, have a relationship with your kids and I think it's all about relationships and if we can form those relationships, there's going to be more open on those things." Words of encouragement.. written down for a JV football player that everyone hopes will help get him back on his feet.The student is in a medically induced coma at Children's{}of Alabama.{}Kirk says there are several counseling services that will be at the high school Monday. That includes, Jefferson-Blount Mental Health, Eastside Mental Health and The Children's Center. A clinical psychologist will also be available for students.