Prayer service held for missing man's family

Still no sign of a man missing whose care plunged into the Black Warrior River.

The car was pulled from the water with no sign of Kevin Gray.

Wednesday night, a prayer service was held to support the family.

{}Family and friends of Kevin Gray met at Pine Grove Baptist Church to pray and to make plans to continue to search effort. They're not giving up on finding him.

{}LaShon Gray says, "He's my husband, he's my best friend."

A circle of support for the wife and family of Kevin Gray.

Family friend, Spiver Gordon, says "A human being is lost. We don't know where the person is. We want to do whatever we can to find him."

On Sunday, Gray and his brother, Brian Smith, drove through a guard rail and into the Black Warrior River. Smith escaped, but rescue crews believe the 42-year-old father was unable to get out of the car.

The water search has now been scaled back, with a marine boat canvassing the area near Lock 7.

But, the family wants more to be done. Wednesday night there was a call for action to get lawmakers involved in pushing for more resources.

LaShon Gray says, "If the state officials could get together and do some other things than what they've been doing, It would be a better search."

Gray's family is now starting to question whether he's even in the water.

"Everybody is feeling like he may have found his way to the woods and walk. by him not knowing the area, he could have not found the direction and could be somewhere laying hurt."

Eutaw Mayor, Hattie Edwards, holding on to hope that her cousin will be found.

"To be an accident and your family is missing, you just want some closure."

Family and friends will meet at 9 o'clock Thursday morning at Lock 7 to search the woods.

The two men were reportedly speed-testing the car when it went into the river.