Preparing for severe weather

With a chance of severe weather comes the need to grab a weather radio, flash light, batteries, and water for your safe place. Helmets also save lives. "We know most people in tornadoes die from blunt force head trauma, make sure you got a helmet in your save room." Meteorologist Charles Daniel says the time to act.. is now! Red Cross volunteers are on alert. "People say it won't happen to me, it's going to hit the area or next community when everyone in Alabama is vulnerable to spring storms. our best advice is simply be prepared." Sunday marks the 3rd anniversary of one of the darkest days in Alabama April 27th, reminding people not take chances. Greg Addison says, "We did absolutely nothing and we lost power, we lost friends that weren't prepared. hopefully this year, we'll have a little different outlook." It's important to have at least two ways of getting warnings. along with a weather radio.. there are apps. Daniel says "The number one feature for the 33/40 weather app is if you go to your safe place you can actually pull up the live streaming video of our feeds." With the recent weather transmitter issues, check your radio in case it needs re-programming. "They need to step 1 check they are either getting or not getting the frequency or code." Planning early can save your life and your family.{}The Red Cross{}also has a app you can download for free.