President Obama congratulates Nick Saban on BCS title, again

Nick Saban and the Alabama football team will make their third visit in four years to the White House to see President Obama. (

For most people, receiving a call from the leader of the free world would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but for Alabama head coach Nick Saban, it has become nearly an annual occurrence.

President Barack Obama contacted Saban by phone on Thursday for the third time in four years to congratulate him on his team's 2013 BCS National Championship victory over Notre Dame on January 7.

During the conversation, Obama told the head coach that "he and the Crimson Tide are beginning to make this a habit."

The Crimson Tide football team will pay the president a visit to the White House in the coming months, but for many of the players, the event will be like a scary episode of deja vu. A large majority of the team probably knows their way around the landmark Washington D.C. home better than they do their own.

While Saban's superfluous calls from the president have become ritualistic, and his national championship teams' one-day excursions to see Obama are beginning to feel somewhat mundane to some, one act remains ever so stimulating in Tuscaloosa.