Principal addresses several job openings at Minor High School

Students in Jefferson County return to school next week. Parents with kids at Minor High School wonder who will teach them and which classes they'll take. One emailed ABC 33/40 asking us to help get answers.

The parent told ABC 33/40 through email, there are 20 vacancies on the staff and no counselors on the payroll Minor High. Principal Dr. Juanita Vann acknowledged she is in a hiring blitz, but there's more to the story.

"Minor High School is a well-kept secret," said Dr. Vann.

Dr. Vann is aware one parent let ABC 33/40 in on a little secret of their own.

The parent told the station the school has 20 openings including each of the school's counselors.

But, Dr. Vann pointed out a wipe-out in the counseling department is no longer the case.

"The long-term person is here. It's a 12-month person. I just hired a 10 month person as well, so 2/3 of the counseling department has been replaced," added Dr. Vann.

She says a coach's reassignment opened up other jobs among teachers and support staff.

"It's not unusual that with a change in leadership comes a change in staffing. Those who prefer the previous leader will tend to find other employment rather than start under the new leadership," added Dr. Vann.

Dr. Vann is looking forward to the start of a new school year, but does not want distractions. She wishes the person who clicked on a keyboard to get answers had asked her the questions.

"This is anonymous, so to me, that raises some red flags. If you want us to address and correct things, please allow us an opportunity to get the feedback directly from you so you can specify this is what I am concerned about," added Dr. Vann.

The parent's email also mentioned parents and students don't know class schedules. Dr. Vann insists that is not true and the schedules are ready.