Principal unhappy with failing status

The Alabama Accountability Act now has the state's schools under the microscope. A new list of 76 failing schools is out. More than two dozen are in Central Alabama.

Center Point High School is listed as failing, and Principal Van Phillips says the way that was determined needs to be changed.

Before there was Center Point High School, there was 7th through 12th grade Erwin High School with about 1,300 students in it. Because of the 7th and 8th graders, Erwin High School had to accept test scores for those students to be counted in with 11th grade students for ratings. The graduation rate at that time was 49%. {}

Since then the school turned into Center Point High School with a different set of students, with a 78% graduation rate.

"The law is flawed the way it was written, you penalize a school of something that happened back in 2008. When this school, Center Point High School did not even exist," says Phillips.