Pro-Life events take place in Birmingham

On the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, hundreds of pro-life activists and religious leaders rallied in support of the pro-life movement.

Their mission, to encourage lawmakers to abolish abortion.{}

Bishop Robert Baker of the Diocese of Birmingham spoke to a full congregation on Saturday morning at the Respect for Life mass inside the Cathedral of St. Paul.

He addressed the political implications of the pro-life movement.

"The protection of life, of human life, of all human life, is a major, government responsibility," said Baker. "It is right and it is essential to all human authorities, accountable for their actions, especially those of major, moral consequence."After the mass, hundreds more gathered at Brother Bryan Park for the Right to Life rally.

Jim Pinto, director of the March for Life says, the large crowd makes a statement. 'we're here to be the voice of the voiceless. The face of the faceless and in many ways, the pro-life movement is winning," said Pinto.Pinto says, more Americans are identifying themselves as pro-life. He says the progress can be seen in that 20-years-ago there were a little more than 2,000 abortion clinics in the United States. Now, there are 660. "We're seeing state by state, laws being enacted that protect the unborn. Laws that make access to abortion, more and more difficult," Pinto said.Sue Turner with Alabama Physicians for Life says while progress is being made,more work needs to be done. "Everyday in our nation, 3,500 babies are aborted. Which is two to three babies every single minute of every single day that are being aborted."As the day went on, the rally turned into a march. The massive crowd took to the streets marching through Five Points South.

Pro-Life groups in Birmingham say their cause continues to gain traction.{} Citing the decline of abortion clinics in the city seven, to just one.