Problems reported at Birmingham voting precincts

The Tuesday municipal elections proved difficult for some voters in Birmingham.

In fact, there{}were several reports of confusion and issues at many polling locations. The problem that proved most troubling is one reported at Hemphill Elementary. There, a handful of people say they were handed the wrong ballots, and consequently, voted for the wrong representatives.

Hemphill Elementary is one of several polling locations that serve multiple districts. It hosts districts 6, 7, 8. But some voters, including District 6 Candidate Sheila Tyson, tell ABC 33/40 they were only given a ballot for district 7 when the polls first opened at 7 a.m. State Representative John Rogers says he wants the elections voided, and he plans to file a lawsuit citing voter disenfranchisement.

Birmingham city clerk Lee Frazier admits there were problems at Hemphill. However, he says they were fixed early, and he is still investigating what may have happened. As for problems there and other places, he says the city will investigate all complaints{}after the polls close.

ABC 33/40'S Marissa Mitchell is following the voting issues. Follow her on Twitter @marissamtchll