"The Prom We Never Had"

In May 1963, more than 2,000 African American schoolchildren took to the streets of Birmingham in a massive demonstration to end racial segregation.. Some faced police dogs, high-pressure fire hoses and jail time.

For publicly defying police, parents, and school principals, senior prom and other end of the year activities were canceled for black students. Next Friday, these students will have the prom they never had.

The Greater Birmingham 1963 Historical Prom reclaims a lost rite of passage for the alumni of ten high schools. The prom also pays tribute to those who marched in what is called the children's crusade.

"We're celebrating the fact that we're still here after 50 years. We're celebrating the fact that what we did, some of the students did back then had such a great effect on our society everywhere,"{} says event organizer Ernestine Thomas.

The prom is Friday, May 17 at Boutwell Auditorium. It goes from 8:00pm to midnight.