Prosecutors oppose third prison delay for Ronnie Gilley

Ronnie Gilley (AP)

{} {} A federal prosecutor says he's opposed to Country Crossing casino developer Ronnie Gilley getting a third delay on reporting to prison.{} {}{}Justice Department prosecutor Kendall Day filed papers September 25th saying the department opposes another delay for medical reasons. Day says the prison system can provide Gilley with post-operative care he may require.{} {} Gilley was originally set to report to prison August 27th to serve more than six years for offering bribes. {}A judge delayed the reporting date until September 24th to allow Gilley to have surgery. {}The date was then pushed back to October 9th to allow recovery time. {}Now prosecutors are balking at Agilely's request for an additional 106 days.{} {} The type of surgery has not been disclosed.